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Alena Motorina


Alena is a passionate and dynamic new kinesiologist, graduated from Université de Montréal, involved in many aspects of kinesiology. During her bachelor's degree, she accumulated several work experiences, from working as a personal trainer in a sports center, as a group instructor for aquafitness classes, as a figure skating off-ice coach, as the head coach of the Université de Montreal Triathlon club, and as a kinesiologist in rehabilitation. All of her experiences, as well as additional training outside of school have allowed her to learn and adapt her approach and refine her knowledge of movement and functional training for a better quality of life and/or performance in sport.

Her interests and specialties in kinesiology are grouped in several subjects

• Functional training

• Prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances through exercise

• Prevention and treatment of mental health disorders through exercise

• Management of pain by movement

• Training of elderly people

• Training of bariatric populations

• Planning and training in endurance sports (cycling, running, swimming, triathlon)

Outside the clinic, Alena spends her time on her road bike, on forest running trails or on an indoor climbing wall.


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