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Peter Giancola

Clinical psychologist

Dr. Giancola is a licensed clinical psychologist born in Montreal.  He received his graduate training in the United States and then worked there for almost 20 years before recently returning to Montreal.

He has been extensively trained in cognitive behavioural and traditional behaviour therapy techniques. Through his training, he has helped a large number of clients with difficulties ranging from problems in living resulting from anxiety and depression, all the way to working in an inner-city psychiatric emergency room where he dealt with acute life-and-death psychiatric crises on a daily basis.

Although the foundation of his knowledge of psychology comes from his scholastic and ongoing training, other life experiences have enriched his understanding of the human condition.  These experiences have greatly deepened his ability to develop genuine and meaningful human connections with his clients.  This is why, in addition to his scientifically-based Cognitive Behavioural approach, Dr. Giancola believes that a Person-Centred overall Wellness element is equally crucial in achieving a profoundly effective therapeutic relationship, and by virtue of that fact, an end goal of personal healing.

It is Dr. Giancola’s goal as a therapist to create a safe and protected environment for his clients; where it is clear to them that they are accepted and that their feelings are validated without judgment.  This allows him to utilize all of his knowledge, capabilities and life experiences to help his clients in whatever place of suffering that they might be in at that time.  Dr. Giancola is of the belief that this level of deep and profound human care and connection are necessary for maximal healing to occur.

You can learn more about Dr. Giancola by clicking here.

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