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Ariana Bursucianu

Clinicial Coordinator and Occupational Therapist

Ariana graduated with a professional Masters in Occupational Therapy at the University of Montreal. Since then, her work experiences have allowed her to further develop her expertise in professional reintegration within the context of physical and mental health issues.

She is a strong believer in rehabilitation programs. These programs use an interdisciplinary approach as one of their guiding pillars which Ariana considers as essential in any rehabilitation process. Such programs offer a complete service to the client by having access to the expertise of several health professionals, be it OT, physiotherapy, kinesiology or psychology.                                                            

With a client centered approach and by applying cognitive behavioral therapy principles, Ariana is able to guide people living with depressive and anxiety symptoms towards an efficient recovery. The philosophy surrounding her practice puts a lot of importance towards the therapeutic relationship she creates between her clients and herself, as the approach requires both parties to work together towards common goals.   

She has also developed an expertise in ergonomics, more precisely in work space analysis and adaptations.

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