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Are you a small to medium size company who values your employees but currently are unable to offer them a health care package due to financial reasons? Here at the Clinique de Réadaptation du Travailleur, we have the solution for you! By choosing one of the three packages, you can offer your employees the opportunity to take their health and well-being into their own hands.

Several studies1,2,3 have shown that employee satisfaction plays a pivotal role in turnover and that high turnover can be very costly for an employer. Additionally, it has been shown that healthy workers are more productive than their less healthy peers. In fact, a report from the “World Economic Forum”4 found that employees who adopted a healthy lifestyle were 3.1 times more productive!

Our goal is to catch companies who have fallen through the cracks of major insurance companies and allow these companies to keep a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity. By offering our services at a reduced rate under the form of packages to your company, your employees will have the benefit of coming to our clinic and having access to all of our services offered at our LaSalle location free of charge!

To learn more about our packages and services, feel free to contact us at 514 507-8188!



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