Occupational therapy

In addition to completing the functional capacity assessment, an occupational therapist will assess your level of autonomy with the goal of identifying the impact of the various diagnostics on your daily activities. 

The occupational therapist will then provide you with the tools to develop functional and work capacities through activity- or task-based training. The OT will also take steps to reduce your risks of injury by emphasizing correct posture and developing methods to manage pain, anxiety and energy. 

  • Functional capacity and work evaluations 

  • Interdisciplinary program focusing on functional capacity development: OT, kinesiology, PT and psychology follow-up services

  • Mental health interventions 

  • Workstation visits and adaptation 

  • Cognitive-behavioural approach

  • Functional rehabilitation 

  • Pain management

  • Application requests for adapted transportation 

  • Parking sticker applications for mobility-reduced individuals 

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