Mental Health

Mental health is one of the areas of expertise of the Clinique de Réadaptation du Travailleur. With a combined interdisciplinary approach with occupational therapy and kinesiology, we work on a number of aspects to promote the recovery of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.


In occupational therapy, we work for:

  • Better management of energy and emotions
  • Better management of the occupational schedule
  • Developing or improving one's autonomy in their day to day lives
  • Improvement in social skills
  • Favoring occupational reactivation and engagement
  • Improving cognitive capacities
  • Developing work skills


While in kinesiology we focus on:

  • The involvement of physical activity on a daily basis
  • Physical reactivation to promote recovery
  • A recovery of self-confidence by moving more
  • Implementing healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep and nutrition


With all this, we optimize the well-being of the patient with an individualized and patient-centered approach.

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