Kinesiologists are health professionals who use movement-based physical activity for prevention and performance purposes (Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec).

The Clinique de réadaptation du travailleur’s kinesiologist is a key member of the rehab team. Within the framework of a rehab program, the kinesiologist helps patients reactivate their muscles and get them back in shape, minimizing current and past injuries. The goal is to maximize personal physical capacities. 

Kinesiologists also often work with mental health patients in a reactivation program. Kinesiology can help lead individuals back to healthy life habits and boost their overall personal fitness. 

  • Personal training 

  • Physical fitness assessments

  • Musculoskeletal disorder management

  • Adapted physical activity 

  • Physical activity for mental health 

  • Evaluation and prescription of physical activity

  • Physical re-education and rehabilitation 

  • Brain injury 

  • Weight loss

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