Variakin program

Variakin is a project that aims to make physical activity accessible to everyone. Many think that training requires a gym, big muscles and running long marathons. However, we can (and must!) Move regardless of our level of fitness, to promote physical and mental health. Through Variakin, we offer groups or individual training sessions with a welcoming atmosphere and accept everyone without restrictions! Our kinesiologist, Alena Motorina, will taylor a training program that will suit your physical condition, your goals, your tastes and your preferences. Amoungst our ranks, we have post-surgery bariatric clients, clients who have had kids, seniors, and people who just want to have fun while training.

Join us and come have fun while moving with Variakin!


Variakin For All


Service Cost
Group Variakin (1X/Week) First informational session free. Includes training program, mini education conferences and supervision from a kinesiologist $30
Private sessions  
Evaluation in kinesiology $75
Program demonstration $65
Private session (per session) $65
Private session (for 12 sessions) $720
Private session (for 24 sessions) $1392
Exercising with 1-2 friends! (evaluation included)  
Semi-private session (for 12 sessions) $444
Semi-private session (for 12 sessions) $792

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