BariaKIN program

Following a bariatric surgery, patients are being supported step-by-step by our clinic, which offers coaching as well as support related to physical activity and integration of a long-term active and healthy lifestyle. This program is offered conjunctively with nutrition and psychology programs that are already established in the Department of Bariatric Surgery.

We wish to counter the myths on exercise with a simple and realistic structure. Additionally, our clinic wants to provide access to a healthy, safe, and patient-friendly environment. We provide educational tools to patients as well as the opportunity to evolve at their own pace without any stress while their physical and emotional barriers are also taken into account.

Physical activity and training are important aspects to integrate in a healthy and active lifestyle. However, some of the concepts related to exercise are often complex. For the bariatric population, the weight loss process must offer a structured and non-judgmental supervision to support the motivation and commitment of the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. It is also very important to support the patient throughout the first few weeks of physical activity and exercise in order to demystify beliefs and perceptions about physical activity while setting achievable, measurable, and healthy goals.

For further program details, please contact our clinic’s kinesiologist at: (514) 507-8188.

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