The Clinique de Réadaptation du Travailleur is a multidisciplinary facility dedicated to comprehensive personal well-being. It offers a range of tailored services to clients with a variety of needs in a personal and user-friendly environment.



Have you recently been injured or are suffering from chronic pain? Our first-line care therapists in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and kinesiology, specialized in pain management and treatment are here for you! No prescription from the doctor is required!  Whether you are a student or retiree, we commit ourselves to giving you the best treatment plan comprised of exercises, advice and manual therapy that will help you get back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible.



If you have been injured in a work accident, our clinic commits ourselves to bringing you back to work as fast as possible in a safe manner. Our health professionals in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and kinesiology will identify all of the barriers keeping you from returning to work and create a treatment plan that aims to overcome each of those obstacles. In order to minimize the delay between seeing your doctor and getting started at our clinic, please have on hand your doctor’s medical prescription and worker’s claim form filled out when taking your first appointment.



If your injuries are a result of a motor vehicle accident, our clinic commits ourselves to getting you back to doing all of your activities as quickly as possible. Our therapists in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and kinesiology will work with you in order to regain your strength, mobility, wellbeing and confidence to get back on the road. Before taking an appointment, we ask that you to send us your doctor’s prescription as well as a short letter giving us permission to send your request for treatments to the SAAQ.

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