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Pain Management

  • Virtual reality to fight pain?!?!
  • Your first visit in physiotherapy
  • Stretches for low back pain
  • 4 foam roller exercises to help decrease your pain
  • How to detect an ankle fracture
  • Are your crutches properly ajusted?
  • Are you using your cane properly?
  • How to go up and down the stairs with an injured leg
  • How to go up and down the stairs with crutches
  • Hamstring rehab exercise part 1
  • Hamstring rehab exercise part 2
  • Hamstring rehab exercise part 3


Understanding Pain


Mental Health


Injury Prevention

  • The fundamentals of squatting that people ignore
  • The effects of prolongued sitting
  • 5 easy exercises to fight the effects of sitting
  • 4 exercises to start your day right
  • How to warm up properly
  • Do you know the difference between stretching and warming up?
  • Is functional training right for you?
  • Are you doing your deadlift properly?
  • How to shovel properly
  • Exercises to improvre your balance
  • How to carry loads
  • Back strengthening exercise
  • Exercises to relieve leg cramps



  • Surpass your limits to run better
  • Warm up exercises for running
  • Is there a correct way to land when running?
  • Unilateral exercise for running
  • Unilateral power exercise for running
  • The ABC's of running

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